White supremacist antisemitic tropes are like bad TV plots

The white supremacist antisemites paint Jews like poor television show villans: just smart and powerful enough to be malicious, but clearly inferior and defeatable.

That’s the way it goes with television shows. The bad guys are bad, and their badness makes them weaker so as to allow the good guys to manage to pull it off in the end.

This creates a cognitive dissonance, though, if you really stop to think about it. If the bad guys are the lesser of the two forces, how come they’re always around? Through the magic of suspension of disbelief, we generally don’t think about this while watching Captain Kirk plug Klingons and Romulans. The bad guys try to do bad stuff, and the good guys are always there to foil their evil plots. Bad guys are always crawling out of the woodwork, like cockroaches. There are always more for as many seasons as the show lasts.

In real life, though, you do eventually run out of cockroaches, because while nice people can get cockroaches, nice people don’t keep cockroaches. The house gets tented. The vermin die.

White supremacists paint Jews as the hook-nosed, physically weak, diseased, and morally bankrupt and repulsively foreign-looking boogieman. If Jews are so craven and evil and transparent, how come the “good guys” haven’t beaten them? If you read The Daily Stormer, every anti-white Jewish conspiracy is revealed every day. How come the “good guys” can’t get to the finish line and exterminate the parasites?

The dissonance comes when one realizes that the Jews have been identified as a separate people by themselves and others for a long, long time. If you believe the hype, the Jews have been plotting something since Abram changed his name to sound more Jewish. The white supremacists have laid every plot bare, from the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus to Disney Studios putting mind-controlling subliminal messages in children’s animations. Funny that they pick on Disney, seeing as how Uncle Walt was a classic Jew-hater.

I digress.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have an easily-defeated inferior enemy forever. If you’re the good guys, eventually you have to win. If you can’t defeat your inferior enemy, what does that say about you? Jews are a tiny segment of the population of every country in which they live, except Israel. It’s pretty easy to round them up and kill them, and I believe my statement is backed up by historical examples. The Jews of the Warsaw ghetto fought heroicly, but in the end, it was about numbers. They knew that, and they fought and died anyway. It doesn’t sound like what craven people do, but there you are.

So how does this tiny population of Jews manage to continually defeat the healthy, strong, morally superior ubermensch Aryan hoards?

You can’t have it both ways. Jews can’t be in control of the world and grossly inferior at the same time. If the struggle against Jews is eternal, then the white supremacist antisemite is admitting parity with its enemy. It’s been five thousand years, guys. When do you plan to pull the trigger?

Maybe they’ll mention it in The Daily Stormer tomorrow.


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