Dear Judge Roy Moore,

Dear Judge Roy Moore:

Please don’t listen to those Republican voices calling for you to step down from your Senate race against a Democrat.

Your participation in this race could be absolutely vital to our national interest. Don’t sell yourself short. Just because you allegedly like to assault girls half your age does not disqualify you from running for a high office in the federal government. True, most alleged abusers like yourself usually get caught with their hands in the cookie jar¬†after the election, but they can’t all be mavericks like you, Judge Roy Moore.

Dropping out of this race would be cowardly. Don’t back down. What Alabamans need right now is your heaping helping of well-off-the-mainstream politics and beliefs. So what if one of them is allegedly pedophilia? Remember, you are a vehicle for spreading good Christian values throughout the nation through government. Pull that gun out whenever you feel the need.

It’s not entirely surprising to hear that you allegedly have broken a law or two when it comes to sexual contact with underage girls. You have a history of picking and choosing the laws you follow. There’s no specific commandment against molesting children, is there? And remember that whole thing with the Ten Commandment display at your courthouse that got you removed from the bench? Twice? Laws are only suggestions for men like you, Judge Roy Moore.

Your country needs you, Judge Roy Moore. Don’t back down. Don’t let things like salacious¬†allegations turn you off of your divine mandate to run for the US Senate. Be strong! Your country needs your continued participation.


Doug Jones



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