OED removes the word “disgusting” from the English language in a blatantly anti-Trump move

The Oxford English Dictionary, or OED as it is known to lexicographers, removed the word “disgusting” from its annual issue and therefore the English language. The editorial staff at Jason’s Politics received a special temporary waiver in order to write this article.

The OED is considered to be the most authoritative comprehensive dictionary of the English language by scholars. It defines words as they are used in every English-speaking community on Earth. It is reputed to list modern, slang, and archaic words of the language from every time period in which modern English has been spoken. It is so large and the print is so small that the compact edition printed volumes come with a magnifying glass. (Yes, they really do.)

The move has created a diplomatic crisis. The famous dictionary is edited and published by Oxford University located in London. Woody Johnson (heh heh), the American ambassador to the Court of St. James was reported to have asked for an emergency meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Whether they met or the details of any meeting are not currently known.

American president and known sesquipedalian Donald J. Trump, who coined the word “covfefe,” has been known to use the former adjective repeatedly throughout each day as a sort of universal descriptor. After the word’s removal from the English language, Trump was unable to describe how he felt about the overwhelmingly partisan move by English grammarians on Twitter and was forced to resort to the ASCII characters “(*^%.”

During the daily press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated that the president would be using the word “icky” until a solution could be reached. She did not rule out the military option or the use of nuclear weapons in how the White House will respond to the aggressive move by the publication.

“It’s clearly not a coincidence that contributors to the OED are called ‘reporters,'” Sanders told the other kind of reporters during the presser.

An anonymous source at the OED said that there is serious consideration of eliminating the word “disgraceful” in the near future.



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